Thursday, 28 May 2015

Roman and his big apple

Look at Roman's giant apple. He told us his dad got it for him from the supermarket. The children in Room 18 were buzzing with excitement as we watched him take his first bite.

Rainbow Water Experiment

The children in Room 18 have been experimenting with the density of water using different colours. We had wonderful  experiences and moments. We would encourage you ti try it at home with your parent's help. 

Rm 18-Rainbow water experiment from Team 1 PES on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Creative Kids

During lunchtime Julianna and her friend Alexus went around the school gathering colourful leaves. They made a big beautiful flower and showed it  everyone.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Yummy cup cakes

Mrs. Lagitupu ( Kristopher and Julianna's mum) brought us cup cakes to say thank-you for looking after Kristopher who is in a wheelchair. We are so lucky to have such loving and caring parents. Thank-You Mr. and Mrs. Lagitupu, Kristopher and Julianna.

Kristopher and Julianna hand out the cup cakes.

Kristopher likes the cup cake with the blue icing.

The children were really excited and
enjoyed eating the cup cakes at lunch time.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Digital learning in Rm 18.

Teokatai, Connor and Izaiah are using the tens frame and counters to work out simple addition word problems. Once they mastered the concept,  Mrs. Lal thought they were ready to work out some problems on their iPads.

Using counters and tens frame to work out
addition word problems.

Connor can duplicate shapes using the tools in
Explain Everything.
Well done, Connor!

Teokatai is thinking carefully about what he needs to do next. 

Izaiah is counting one by one to get the answer.

Friday, 15 May 2015

A gold coin donation.

We have money for the people in Nepal so they can buy some food and get clean water. By Julianna.

Fundraising for Nepal

Today we had Mufti Day. We had to bring a gold coin to school. We are sending the money to the people in Nepal. They can use the money for food clean clothes and water.(Co- constructed story by the children in Room 18)

Our school Assembly

Mr. Jacobson's design of  Nepal's temple.
Room 18's gold coin contribution.
We carefully placed our coins starting at the roof of the temple.
We pray for those who suffered due to the earthquake.


Healthy Lunch

Thursday, 14 May 2015


We have been learning about making patterns. At first the children had to copy my pattern but later they had to create their own pattern using the pictures I gave them. They then had to discuss and tell someone about their pattern. This is Kiarah's pattern which she completed independently on her iPad.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Family

This is my house. I live with my mum, dad, nana and by baby. Her name is Angelina. She is very cute and clever. (Dictated to the teacher) By Xavier.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Do the right thing

At school when someone is annoying or disturbing me I have to move away from them and ignore them. I have to park myself in the right place. (Dictated to the teacher) By Kiarah.

Monday, 11 May 2015

My Best Friend

This is my best friend is Julianna. We are in the same class. Julianna is always kind and helpful. She is my best best friend ever. (Dictated to the teacher) By Holly.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Something Special

The caterpillar eats the leaves from the swan plant. It eats and eats and gets fat.  It then goes to sleep in a chrysalis for a long time. After a few weeks, something magical happens and it turns into a butterfly. ( Dictated to the teacher.) By Kristopher


Angelica can count backwards from 10-1. She created this number tower all by herself on the iPad.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Kiwi Sport

This term for Kiwi Sport the Children in Rm 18 are learning to play basketball. We have 2 coaches teaching us some basketball skills.
We can roll the ball around our neck.
It was really tricky.

We tried to roll the ball around our tummy.
Julianna and her friends are doing are giving it a go. Yeah! 

We have to dribble the ball using our finger tips.

Conor can swap the basketball and  balance it on the cone.
Good job, Connor
Kristopher, Holly, Persia and Kiarah can roll the ball around there head.
They are so clever !

My garden

I like helping my mum and dad in the garden. We plant some seeds to grow some fruit and vegetables. I like carrots and my brother Kristopher, likes beans. (Dictated to the teacher)
By Julianna

Monday, 4 May 2015

I am 6, Yeah!

On Thursday it was my birthday.  My mum baked a cake so that I could take it to school and celebrate my birthday with my class. I was so happy. Mum sprayed my hair pink and I looked really nice.
I am so excited.

This is my friend. Her name is Julianna.

I made a wish and blew all the candles out in one go!

Lucky me, Nanna works at my school and
was part of  this wonderful day.