Friday, 22 March 2019

Is it kind?

Levi got a Duffy certificate in assembly today for being kind and caring towards his classmates and for showing respect towards others. He got a Duffy book and a mini board game as a reward. Well done you, Levi!
Levi said his mum is going read him the story before he goes to bed.

Levi can't wait play with his mini board game.

Lucky us!

On Friday during assembly lots of children in our class won the lunch box prize. We were so excited because this is the first time so many of us won something at one go. We have been learning about eating healthy so that we can have a healthy body and a healthy brain. Eating healthy helps us learn better as well.
Feeling lucky. 

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Well done me!

Harmony and Catherine got certificates at team assembly today.

Harmony has been working hard at forming her letters correctly
writing neatly. Well done you, Harmony.

Catherine goes home and practises her writing.
She copies sentences from her reader and sometimes writes her own sentences.
Thank-you family, for helping Catherine with her learning.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

A visit to the Pt. England Kindergarten

Yesterday our class went for a quick visit to the Pt. England Kindergarten to see the baby chicks.
Everyone was so excited as some of the children got to visit some of their friends, brothers and sisters that go to kindy.
Whaea Robyn showed us eggs in the incubator.
There were 11 eggs and  a few eggs hatched  during the night.
Three baby chicks were born.

We all took turns to see the cute fluffy chicks.

The children at the kindy shared their ideas about the eggs and chicks.
The teachers wrote down what they shared and put it on the wall
with the pictures for everyone to read.

Thank-you for inviting us over.
We had a wonderful experience.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Player of the day

Jordyn plays tee ball every Saturday. Her uncle John is the coach. Jordyn got a trophy for player of day because she is a good team mate. Levi is in her team too. By Mrs. Lal

This is Jordyn's trophy and she gets to keep it for the week.

Jordyn is so excited. Well done, you!

Wednesday, 6 March 2019


We started our swimming lessons this week. After getting changed into our togs the Room 18 children walked down to the Glen Innes swimming pools . We had two coaches teaching us how to swim.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Gardening with Mr.Vogt

The children in Rm 18 had a wonderful time at Makerspace with Mr. Vogt. They went gardening actually not really gardening. They went around the Team 1 bays and pulled out some dried up swan plants and turning the soil, getting it ready to plant more swan plants, maybe some flowers, some children thought it would be great to plant watermelon. It's going to be very hard for Mr. Vogt to decide what will go in the gardens. Watch the space because Rm 18 will be going to Makerspace next week. I wonder what surprises Mr.Vogt has in store for them. By Mrs. Lal.

Mr. Vogt showed the children how to
Karate chop the dry swam plant.

Imogen helped put it in the yellow bin.

Isla helped carry the garden tools needed for turning the soil.

Levi and Jordan are trying to break the plant into tiny bits.
They worked in a team.

Winter is trying to pull it out from the ground.
It was hard because the swan plant was dry and prickly.

Winter broke a branch.
Catherine is happy, she can break some branches off and not get hurt.
Wow, Salesi
That's a big one!
These guys are happy  with their find and are done for the day.

Mia, ShweShwe and Nadi are turning the soil.
It was very dry and they had to be careful not to get it into someone's eyes.

Sione is ready to get his hands dirty!