Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas Trifle

The Junior Chefs have been busy making a yummy and delicious Christmas treat. See if you can guess some of the ingredients used and try and make it at home with mum and dad. A fun edible craft.By our JUNIOR MASTER CHEFS. By Room 18


  1. Hi Room 18! We really loved watching how you made this delicious dessert and are sure that you had a lot of fun eating it too! Thanks for your great movie :) From Mrs Belt and Room 19
    PS: Mrs Belt really liked trying a little bit too!!!

  2. Did you like the Trifle? Know I like the whipped cream.Hi My name is Maroroa, when my friends saw your team making the cake they were like.Yum Yum.

    So what did you like when you were making the trifle ?

  3. Hey That look so yummy I wish that I was there and also that looks so fun too.

  4. hey that look yummy i wish making the cake and good team work