Sunday, 9 February 2014

Meet the children in our class.

My name is Yolanda.
My name is Soane.

 My name is Sunipa.

My name is Lily.

My name is Zoe.

My name is Nina.

My name is Brendon.

My name is Kingston.

My name is Le'Shar.

My name is Kara.

My name is Tyreece.

My name is Caleb.

My name is Ozzy.



  1. Well what a nice`s class you have so hi to all the new kids you have in your class today

  2. What a nice looking class you have Class 22.
    Hi to all of you.

    From Alex

  3. What a intelligent class you guys have there I really like the pictures of you all. You have nice smiles. Can't wait for you next Blog Post.

    Yours sincerely Ashlee